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School Displays

Inspiring Photographic and Graphic Displays

A well placed photo or graphic display stands will transform your school.There are many areas within your school that will benefit from having fantastic displays including the reception, public areas, Head Teacher office, corridors, stairs and eating areas.Our Photo boards convey the values, aims and messages that you want to send in a visual, vibrant style.

  • School Mission Statement
  • School Values
  • Rules and Behaviour
  • British Values
  • Inspirational Messages
  • Religious Values and Statements
school displays

Inside or Out

We produce displays in all sizes, formats and finishes. We tailor them to your space, your message and available budget.
Choose from:

  • All weather printed Foam board.
  • All weather printed Acrylic.
  • Laminated Prints.
  • Bespoke Graphic Wallpaper.
  • Stunning Window Graphics
  • Zero cost plastic cap Fixings
  • Chrome stand-off fixings
  • Chrome Cover fixings
  • Wallpaper
  • See out privacy window film
different school displays

School Displays that are Stimulating and Motivating

Classrooms are the core learning spaces of the students. Displays can make these learning spaces engaging as well as welcoming. As per the research ‘Clever Classrooms’ conducted by EPSRC and the University of Salford, well-designed classrooms can boost learning progress in primary school pupils by 16%. This report identifies room displays as one of the important factors that can increase learning potential. Thus, displays be it notice boards, bulletin boards or photo boards are one of the most vital components of any school.

Whether you place school display boards in classrooms, corridors or hallways, it makes the environment stimulating and vibrant. Apart from adding a distinct personality to the school, school display boards by and large easily convey and reinforce in students the values, ethics and principles that the school advocates. From showcasing student presentations and achievements, exhibiting supplementary teaching aids, providing news and photos about important school events or functions to presenting school mission statements and displaying important duties and responsibilities, school display stands and boards can help build a positive school climate

How Design3i Helps

Whether it is school display stands or school display boards UK, Design3i knows that school displays are one of the important means to not only make the students feel special but also encourage them to come up with new creative ideas. We know that it is a proud moment for every child whenever they see their work appreciated and celebrated by the school. Hence, we make use of strong and vibrant style to make it more appealing. Be it photo displays, graphic displays or customized designs for staff boards, motivation boards or classroom boards, we ensure that all are aesthetically done in the first place. We have a team of professionals who are adept in creating school display stands and boards in beautiful prints and styles

school displays using stands and boards


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