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Creating Winning Visual Identity

New Brand Identity. New Prospects

It is true that actions speaks louder than words but in this digital age where the Internet makes research a breeze, schools and colleges must ensure that their USPs and fortes are known to all. Thus, with the education sector becoming hypercompetitive, schools and colleges of today, however elite they might be, have no other choice but to jump into the school marketing bandwagon to get visibility, recognition and a winning visual identity.

Whether it is to attract the attention of the prospective parents and students, recruit the best faculty, secure partnership support or gain community approval, a positive image is definitely an essential aspect that schools and colleges must focus on. Schools and colleges must exhibit the same urgency and importance that they ascribe to ensure Ofsted and the DfE compliance. This is for developing a brand identity as well. This is because even if a school or college is performing outstandingly both academically and in sports and arts, unless and until efforts are put for school marketing in the UK, the school or college would continue to remain as one among the numerous schools and colleges that failed to create a ripple. Thus, irrespective of the school planning for academy status, a positive image is now vital for existence and continued success.

Design3i and School Marketing in the UK

Having over 20 years of experience in school digital marketing and promotion, Design3i very well understands the benefits that a new brand identity brings forth. Branding helps make the visual identity of the school or college fascinating and attractive. It opens the window to new prospects and opportunities. Design3i assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the school or college. We implement those marketing and promotional activities that make the school or college stand out from the crowd.

Every parent wants their child to receive a top notch education. ?They are not ready to settle for anything other than the best. Also they research online for the finest schools or colleges. ?The Institution failing to build and nurture a successful brand image forgoes an excellent chance of prospective parents selecting them. Design3i makes things easier for schools and colleges by creating a visual identity that accentuates their true spirit.
A small but committed team, we help developing strong digital persona with our understanding in travails of schools and colleges. Our team has in depth knowledge and deep expertise in branding, photography, graphic design, copywriting, website development, printing and signage. This allows schools and colleges to make a big splash in the digital world. Armed with the best photographic equipment, design software, digital and litho printing, we guarantee that our services will truly Inform, Inspire and Influence all.
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